Final Project Report: Pete’s Adventure


Most children have a short attention span when it comes to studying and they often get distracted by something else. That is why educational children games exist. They are created so that children will not get bored. Children can play while also learning something new. This is a very effective way to get children to study.

This is why in this final project, I decided to make a game that teach children about counting fruits and naming them.


My goal for the game is to make a game that are easily understandable to kids. I want the kids to learn how to count fruits and how to name them.


Most of the game assets that I took are from the internet. I use google to search for the Images.


The game’s objective is to help Pete, the main character, to count the fruits and guess the name of the fruit. It has a total of 2 stages of counting the fruits and 2 stages naming the fruits.


In the start, the user can click the green button to start the game, the red button to exit the game, or the credits to see the credits of the game


Clicking “Credits” will show the credits screen. This screen will list all of the assets that I used and where I took them.



In the opening, it will show Pete walking and picking up fruits from trees. The number of fruits are random every time the game starts.

Stage 1 & 2

In this 2 stages, the user must guess the number of fruits that Pete has picked from the trees. The user must click the correct number of fruits to proceed.

Stage 3 & 4

In these stages, the user must guess the correct name of the fruit shown on the left. On the right there are 3 choices of the names of the fruits. If the user guess correctly, they can proceed.


After you finish all the stages, you get to the ending. In here, you can exit the game.


In conclusion, this game will teach kids about counting and naming fruits. I made this game in 1 month’s time. I present this game to my lecturer and he gave me feedback on how to improve the game. Overall it was a good experience for me to learn about.

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